Nature often invites itself in my artistic work and I willingly let it take all the place it wants. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration where everything is a matter of sensation and creation.
I wanted to emphasize the material and the form by working on these cacti. To underline the lines and the curves, their finesse and their elegance, as well as the lightness which emerges from them.
Just the pleasure of the gesture and the concentration that leads to the creation, without excess.
I like to take this time where slowly, but surely, the walls are dressed with long-shaped meshes.


Creation 2021

Wall work

Green wire

Dimensions photo 1 from left to right: 140 x 40 / 95 x 20 / 130 x 43 / 95 x 20 / 165 x 35 cm

Thickness between 10 / 15 cm